The primary GOAL is to push the boundaries of ion storage chemistry in solids, often CARBON-based, for the purposes of sustainable energy storage.  We investigate local atomic and nanometric structure-property correlations to elucidate design principles for energy materials by rational syntheses, advanced characterization and integration of computational studies.  Our materials interests include non-graphitic carbons as anodes for metal-ion batteries beyond lithium, nanoporous (activated) carbon for cost-effective supercapacitors, scalable carbon-based nano-architectures as electrodes for pseudocapacitors and catalysis, and hydrocarbon molecular solids as cathode in dual-ion batteries.  We also design new device configurations on the basis of electrochemistry and materials chemistry for advanced properties.

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001 (541) 737-6798

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Gilbert Hall 153, Department of Chemistry

Oregon State University

Corvallis, Oregon, 97331, United States